Abandoned dungeon Sekiro | Sekiro shadows Die Twice

Abandoned dungeon Sekiro

Abandoned dungeon Sekiro | Sekiro shadows Die Twice

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Abandoned Dungeon is the 5th area. In the Abandoned Dungeon region, this walkthrough will guide you through.

Abandoned Dungeon:

As you start to the small entrance in this region, go to the right. For you to pick up, there will be undead along the way and some items. To the left be a small hole make your way head.

Crouch, through make your way. To the beams above, get out and grapple. Doujin nearby you will spot – to him go ahead and talk. The answer is yes, a Sinai when he asks if you are.

To deliver a Surgeon’s Bloody Letter, he will give you. If you choose to deliver the letter, this is optional; an eavesdropping opportunity will appear Doujun will move from his place.

Now, Move forward, the slope, and make your way down with the underground Waterway Sculptor’s idol interacts wit. On this floor where you came from, go back. You will come to keep moving ahead to a Crumbling offering while killing enemies along the way. Reads it and interact with:

You will face An optional miniboss to keep moving forward.

To the boat, the water until you return to the underground Waterway Sculptor’s Idol and swim across the water. The enemies kill here, into the water, and go back to the other side to swim.

The elevator kills the enemies and pulls the lever to call. The lift goes up, and the Sculptor’s Idol interacts.

How to reach Abandoned Dungeon:

Where a woman sits on the bridge from Asian Castle, Idol jumps off the left side to the treed beach and then grapples. You can eavesdrop on there you find two enemies on a bridge. Run past them, the big bell-wielding enemy to the temple rooftop and follows grapple. The Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol there you reach.

Abandoned Dungeon – Underground Waterway:

To the next region, senior Temple, Mt. Kongo. It’s pretty straightforward: run to the next Underground Waterway Idol until you reach an elevator, and keep swimming. To reach the Senpou Temple area, use the elevator. On that path to the next main story area, so continues this pout us on the main path.

Abandoned Dungeon – Bottomless Hole:

Take a different path. The Bottomless Hole idol requires us to backtrack. With the Senpou Temple region, you can ignore this until you are done.

Between riflemen and a drummer, you land in an enemy fort and jump across the tree branches to the left. 

Look to the right behind the drummer and walk up to the Cliffside. On another cliff you can grapple on, with the Lone shadow Long swordsman minibus, you will find an old well. In a very dark cave, after defeating that boss, you can swim through the well and reach the Bottomless Hole idol where can find it.

For later, this is a story pat meant. With Divine Confetti and Pacifying Agent consumables which can be defeated in this area, you can also find headless miniboss, which you can be defeated, at a higher level; you should do this later. Where a woman is praying, the Bottomless Hole idol brings you to a cliff continuing past. On to some cliffs as you fall down, jumping down h pitch black abyss in front of her will let you grapple. It leads to the Ashina Depths region; this is meant for later. We will continue on the first path with Senpou Temple, Mt.Kongo region.

Abandoned dungeon Sekiro

Abandoned dungeon Sekiro

In Sekiro, how do you open the abandoned dungeon?

If you have not already, to the abandoned Dungeon, you can easily find access to the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol just to the left, out the Taro Troop Brute and his Attack Dogs by crossing the bridge over the Reservoir and taking out.

How many levels are there in Abandoned Dungeons?

At every 5th stage, one appearing, of 23 different types of monsters and 4 bosses which consist Abandoned Dungeon is a 20-stage type chapter.

After abandoning Sekiro, where do I go after?

To abandoned dungeon Sekiro, you can now travel- to the Bottomless Hole and lure Jinzaemon Kumano, to Senpou Temple, Mt.