Custom robots header tags blogger

Custom robots header tags blogger

Custom robots header tags blogger The robots header tags permits you to govern how your internet site need to show in seek effects. You can practice robots tags the use of meta tags and X-robots tag in reponse header. Blogger permits you to set each form of robots tag. In this article, we can recognize the fine exercise of custom Robots Header tags to enhance the search engine optimization of the Blogger internet site.


Recently, Blogger made many modifications in its interface to enhance the person experience. From the search engine optimization factor of view, the most important replace become on new topics.

Blogger now helps HTML5 topics that substantially raise the search engine optimization of the webpage. But in conjunction with the subject matter and content material, you want to configure the X-Robots-Tag placing properly.

What is X-Robots-Tag or Robots Header tag?

These tags constitute your internet site to engines like google like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. When the hunt engine bot crawls a internet site, the X-Robots-Tags or meta tags specify web page-degree settings with the aid of using inclusive of HTTP header reaction or inclusive of meta tag on HTML pages.

Directive Meaning Custom robots header tags blogger

all There aren’t anyt any regulations for indexing or serving. Note: this directive is the default price and does now no longer have an effect on if explicitly listed.

noindex Do now no longer display this web page in seek effects.
nofollow Do now no longer observe the hyperlinks in this web page.
none Equivalent to noindex, nofollow.
noarchive Do now no longer display a “Cached” hyperlink in seek effects. You must specify this directive. Otherwise, Google may also generate a cached web page, and customers may also get entry to it thru the hunt effects.

nosnippet Do now no longer display a textual content snippet or video preview snippet withinside the seek effects for this web page.
noodp Do now no longer use metadata from the Open Directory Project By default, there’s no expiration date for content material. This tag need to be used for content material that shouldn`t be seen after a sure date or time.

NOODP Robots Header tag is not supported.

We pointed out the custom robots header tags to be had with Blogger. Many web sites and YouTube channel courses concerning the robots header tags for the Blogger weblog advise allowing robots header tags noodp for the pages and posts. But this is a completely incorrect exercise, then what’s right

Search engines like Google not guide the noodp tag. So don`t observe the incorrect exercise. It may also damage the on-Page search engine optimization. I wish that Blogger will quickly do away with this feature from its settings.

Who need to permit custom robots header tags withinside the Blogger weblog?

Before making any modifications withinside the Blogger weblog settings, we`ve to recognize who need to permit this tradition robots header tag placing and who need to now no longer.

Who shouldn`t permit this tag option

If you`re jogging a easy weblog, then no want to permit this function: This function permits you to personalize the index of posts or pages of the Blogger weblog. In case you need to enhance the search engine optimization of the Blogger internet site, then you may use

Who need to permit and use those tags?

You don`t need to customization of indexing of pages, a few pages need to index, pictures of a few pages now no longer to index, content material to be had at the internet site isn’t appropriate after a particular date or time, If you don`t need to permit translation on a few pages,
Don`t permit to index a few pages withinside the seek effects.

How to permit custom robots header tags? Custom robots header tags blogger

To permit those X-robots header tags, you`ve to log in to the Blogger dashboard.

Enable custom robots header tags for Blogger weblog
Open the settings of the weblog,
Scroll to crawlers and indexing option,
Switch at the “Enable custom robots header tags” option,
all X-robots settings to be had with Blogger
Home web page tags: Click in this, and the choice proven withinside the above photograph will appear. You`ve to click on on all, and store the settings,
Archive and seek web page tags: from the alternatives furnished above, you`ve to pick out noindex.

Posts and Pages type: To index all of the pages, you`ve to click on on permit “all”. And then store the settings.
There isn’t anyt any want to permit the noodp tag, as we already discussed. Enabling custom robots header tags will will let you set custom header tags for each web page and post. So you may determine the right robots metalwho. header tags. Custom robots header tags blogger