Dragon blogger technology and entertainment

Dragon blogger technology and entertainment

Dragon blogger technology and entertainment DragonBlogger.com is a internet site approximately generation, running a blog and is likewise an leisure portal which brings articles approximately Gadgets, Latest Tech, Video Games, Entertainment (Movies/TV Shows), Blogging and SEO Dragon Blogger: A

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There are numerous blogs that I revel in reading, both without delay or via an RSS reader. Some blogs I examine due to the fact the writer of the weblog has years of experience, and writes approximately their reports in order that their readers can study from them.

Other blogs I examine I achieve this due to the fact they have got numerous statistics on numerous topics that I am interested by, however won’t be topics that I can follow to my weblog.

For me, one specific weblog that I revel in examine is Dragon Blogger, in most cases due to the fact the writer – Justin Germino – leads a comparable existence to me (IT enterprise expert and own circle of relatives man) and as very comparable interests (generation).

Dragon Blogger Dragon blogger technology and entertainment

Over the direction of the beyond few years I even have visible his Dragon Blogger weblog pass from a small generation and leisure weblog to a famous and well-linked weblog.

The maximum thrilling thing that I see together along with his weblog is that he’s continuously strolling contests and giveaways for lots exquisite products. Everything from laptop mice and difficult drives to video games, and if I can bear in mind correctly, online game consoles, has been given away on Dragon Blogger.

While Dragon Blogger does deliver in a few cash every month, among the gadgets he offers away he has bought together along with his personal cash, in order that suggests the willpower Justin has supplied together along with his weblog.

Dragon Blogger is what has been termed a “technotainment” weblog. Dragon blogger technology and entertainment

The subjects mentioned at the weblog contain both generation or leisure, which does appear like a atypical mix, however does offer many thrilling posts.

Since I am very interested by generation, I am very interested by posts that pertain to hardware and software program. I even have determined out new statistics approximately the contemporary hardware or software program without a doubt through journeying Dragon Blogger on a everyday basis.

Of direction, as I noted previously, the giveaways additionally assist draw me returned time and again again, however the statistics remains top-notch.

Besides the generation thing of Dragon Blogger, I changed into additionally interested by Justin`s experiments with earning profits with a weblog.

He has attempted numerous strategies of manufacturing an excellent earnings on Dragon Blogger, and typically published his results. Regardless of whether or not the cash making possibility worked, he usually published his thoughts, so if it didn`t paintings out, we knew now no longer to bother.

Dragon Blogger is genuinely a weblog really well worth journeying.

I had been doing so for the beyond few years, and in case you are interested by generation, or leisure, you then definately have to genuinely test metalwho out Justin`s weblog as well. Dragon blogger technology and entertainment