Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer

Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer

Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer Drenka cofounded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society this spring, which files and celebrates the records and legacies of the city`s AAPI population.

Stephanie Drenka Fashion Blogger

Stephanie Drenka skilled a experience of powerlessness over her early life. Drenka changed into born in South Korea however changed into followed through a white own circle of relatives in Chicago whilst she changed into simply three months old.

She cofounded the Dallas Asian American Historical Society in advance this year. Moreover, She dived closely into mastering Korean records, looking for to peer in which she match into that tale, after taking an Asian American Studies direction in university at DePaul University and getting concerned in scholar organisations.

She ultimately commenced an authentic beginning own circle of relatives seek as well. She visited a management convention in South Korea in the course of that trip, made an look on a Korean tv programme, and despatched telegrams to a close-by adoption company.

Drenka claims it took numerous years for her to discover that she had older sisters and that her beginning father had died years in advance.

Regulations Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer

By breaching the policies and contacting my sisters, the company changed into capable of ultimately touch them, claims Drenka. I changed into capable of join up with them as soon as again, research extra approximately their own circle of relatives records, and get a clearer experience of in which I match into their foundation story.

Over time, Drenka had conversations with near buddies like Denise Johnson, who got here to america from the Philippines on the age of 17, approximately her studies as a transracial adoptee. She observed that many Asian Americans shared this experience of helplessness concerning their private histories. She additionally needed to do so in response.

Company Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer

The Dallas Asian American Historical Society changed into installed in March through Drenka and Johnson. The nonprofit agency studies, protects, and celebrates the contributions made through Asian Americans to the Dallas area.

Through essays and documentaries, it tells the little-recognised histories of local Asian Americans and ancient sites. The organization will help human beings in archiving and retaining their own circle of relatives`s records once they publish private money owed and artefacts.

Therefore, Drenka believes that the best method for fighting dehumanising stereotypes, poor emotion, and anti-Asian hate crimes is to provide the Dallas network a ancient society that might hold and sell Asian American studies.

Drenka and Johnson

Drenka and Johnson realised they had to take movement after noticing growing racial tensions, bigotry, and violence toward Asian Americans due to the pandemic. TheAtlanta Spa Shootings had a completely private effect on Drenka.

When Drenka changed into younger, she really lived near a spa in Marietta. “Just understanding that it changed into ladies of Asian foundation and they had been murdered through a person who had objectified and hypersexualized Asian ladies definitely struck a wire for me,” she recalls.

Drenka changed into Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation`s director of communications on the time. She organised a national metropolis corridor and gave a presentation on little-mentioned ancient events.


In an attempt to take concept from every other city, she claims she commenced learning beyond Asian American communities. “I find out that the state lacks an Asian American ancient society.

There isn’t anyt any company that unifies all Asian Americans, however there are Chinese American ancient companies and Japanese American records societies.

Johnson changed into then approached through Drenka to talk about how they will collaborate to fight persevered racism. They acquired 501(c)(three) permission for the Dallas Asian American Historical Society, employed a picture designer, and commenced posting tales to their social media and website.


The company and Jonathan Angulo of Voices of SMU labored collectively in April to teach members on a way to file their family histories orally.

Historical Society`s

The Dallas Asian American Historical Society`s upcoming event, “History withinside the Making,” will take area on June 12 from midday to four p.m. Community participants are invited to percentage their oral histories for the HEAR ME ROAR movie on the unfastened digitization and storytelling event.

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Drenka hopes that the video collection and different sports like “History withinside the Making” will assist the neighborhood Asian American network research extra approximately their very own pasts.

The society`s one of a kind programmes will continue “so long as we’ve tales to tell,” provides metalwho Drenka, who’s uncertain of what number of interviews they may secure. Hanie drenka fashion travel blogger photographer