How to change the font color on iPhone

How to change the font color on iPhone

How to change the font color on iPhone

Thanks to the new IOS update, now you can customize your iPhone home screen appearance. I will tell you the different ways to change the font color on your iPhone.

Step 1: Update your Phone to IOS 14:

Firstly, you should update your iPhone with the latest update on your device to IOS 14.

  1. Tab on the settings.
  2. Next general
  3. Software update.
  4. Next click on Download and, finally, Install.

Step 2: Your preferred color theme select:

On your home screen which color do you want to prefer that color theme then go ahead and download a wallpaper icon pack that matches. Next you save.

Step 3: The Widget smith and Shortcuts app download:

On the iPhone lock screen and other appearances, you will need these two apps to change the font color. With your preferred background, color, photo, and size with the widget you can change it, with your preferred background create a widget. You will use it to create a custom app, the shortcut apps, by asking Siri and maybe automated through apps.

Step 4: Your mobile Home screen clear:

From your mobile screen remove all the old apps so if you customize your phone then you have a clean screen to customize it. To do this, on an app hold down, that lets your remove the app will appear, and a pop-up menu. To the app library, you can either move or delete the app.

Step 5: The new Wallpaper Install:

Go to the settings, select wallpaper, in the camera roll the wallpaper you download and save then pick.

Step 6: With the Widgetsmith app create custom widgets:

To create a widget follow these steps. 

  1. The Widgetsmith app launch.
  2. To start the customization click on the Default widget square under the name select the new widget.
  3. On iPhone to change the font color, you will find the options, tiny colors, background color, the appearance of time, among other features.
  4. At the top and rename it clicks the widget’s name.
  5. Once you are done click on save.
  6. To your home screen go back. On to the screen press and hold until the apps begin to wiggle. Loot for the “+” button and click on it in the top left corner.
  7. Select “Widgetsmith” go to the bottom. To the home, screen swipe left t to add your customized widget.
  8. On the home screen to move the widget, press and hold then drag it around.

On an iPhone changing color filter:

To differentiate the colors helps people with color blindness. Unfortunately, pictures and other media could affect appearance.

Open setting, then next select Accessibility, “Display & Text Size” go to, “Color Filters” then pick “Color Filters”. The color filters on when you turn, to choose from you will have four filters:

How to change the font color on iPhone

How to change the font color on iPhone

  • Greyscale
  • With Tritanopia Blue/Yellow users
  • With Protanopia red/Green for users.
  • With Deuteranopia Green/RED