How to create two 2 step verification on Gmail

How to create tool step verification on Gmail

How to create two 2 step verification on Gmail

People hack your G-mail accounts by sending you links on your inbox or through websites where you have used your email again and again with the same passwords. How to create two 2 step verification on Gmail so lets begin.

Then it’s necessary to secure your account. To secure your Gmail account some steps of verification you need to follow. Firstly, if you have a Gmail accounts then secure it First.. By using G-mail people send their photos, files and documents easily.

Gmail refers to Google mail. Gmail is a free E-mail service provider and billions of people used this for business purposes for quick sending and receiving messages. To create a Gmail accounts GO on” create a Gmail” then follow the procedure put your user name (First name and last name) you also need the phone number for verification through message. And you required a strong password.

Google will require all users for 2-step of verification to secure their account. You will receive a notification of verification whenever you log in to your Gmail account.

Two steps of verification secure your account and have safeguards. People easily hack your G-mail account if you’re not applying 2-step verification. Verification is of 2 steps I will guide you on how to follow 2-steps and verify your account. How do you set up two steps of verification it’s not difficult but follow some steps and a few choices to take. You can follow these steps on mobile and PC.

How to set 2-step of verification:

  • First sign in to your Google account
  • And tab on your Gmail profile icon and then tap” Manage Your Account” some options will be shown you on your left side of the screen.
  • Click the” security” option on the left side
  • Scroll down and click on the” 2- Step Verification” option
  • The next screen tells you, you will always need your password to login into your account and a verification code. Click on get started and sign in again to your Google account.
  • The next screen shows the number of you, you have registered with on the Goggle account. And you select your country also. If not click the links “don’t see your device”.
  • After that Google sends you a message to verify” it’s your account”. Google verified by you on call and message.
  • Here you have more options on how to implement 2–step verification.
  • By mistake the code will be sent to you on your phone through message. But you can use a physical security key, which is considered more secure.
  • Click the link to show more methods and select which one you preferred. Then click continue.
  • If you choose the code option then the next screen will show you your phone number and ask you how to receive codes through text message or call? Select which option you preferred and then, click send.
  • Check your phone for the codes and write them in the appropriate field on the next screen.
  • Click next and the next screen will show you to” ON” two-step of verification. Click the turn on button. • Now, two-step verification is enabled.

 On Android Mobile:

You would receive a code through a notification on your phone.

On iPhone:

On iPhone, you need to install and check the IOS Google app. And if you trying to sign in and google ask you through a text then tap on yes.

How to create tool step verification on Gmail

How to create tool step verification on Gmail

 Backup steps for your Gmail account:

If your primary method is unavailable you can choose another backup method on your google website that was

  1. One-time backup codes
  2. An authenticator app
  3. A physical security key

One-time backup codes :

To use the backup codes, click the backup setup link for that option. Google displays a set of backup verification codes. You can save and download all the codes and get the new set of codes. You can use each backup account once.

 An authenticator app:

Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator, Authy, and LastPass Authenticator. You can download any app of your choice between these. Choose your type of Phone, Android, and iPhone. Click next to open the authenticator app. create a new login and select the option to scan QR. Until it’s scanned, point the phone at your code displays at your google account page. Click next.


In this article, I have discussed with you how to secure your G-mail account. I have tried my best to cover this topic. If I miss something in this article, let me know in the comment section. I will add it into my article.