How to draw a Hand

How to draw a hand

How to draw a Hand

Hand enables us to perform many daily activities like writing, driving, and cooking. There are many blood vessels and nerves. It is the part of the body with fingers. There are so many forms that have drawn perspective, the reason of drawing hand so challenging. Every finger is made of multiple cylinders. There are some ways to draw the hand sketch. This method is perfecting for people from imagination for the people’s ability. If you are a beginner and did not know how to sketch the Hand drawn. This is helpful for you to sketch a hand drawing. I will guide you through three methods on how to draw a hand sketch. By following these you can easily draw a hand sketch.

What we are use for drawing:

There are some tools to sketch hands.

A paper

A pencil

Soft pencil

Hard pencil


Color pencil

Firstly I discussed some of these stages you practice these stages and make a good sketch. When you start this try to practice these stages these are simpler and hand gestures try these before going to complex ones.

Stage 1. Central Box:

For the central part of the box draw a bent box, if they are visible at this angle draw the cushion of the palm. Pay full attention to understanding the hand how it is fairly thin, the depth of the hand, and how much smaller than the overall surface area.

Stage 2. Add Thumbs:

Now at this stage, start adding the thumb connects box through a triangular box. Followed by a tapered cylinder and by a cylinder. Now you pay attention and understand how the thumb is connecting to the cushion of the palm.

Stage 3. Mitten:

At this stage, By grouping, the ones that are closer together try to simplify the fingers. Because some gestures will require individual fingers, I recommend you practice individual fingers at this point. We apply this illustration and finger drawing sessions.

Step 4. Full hand:

Once we have comfortable with the mitten, drawing the full hand will feel a lot easier. As a guideline for individual fingers, we can use the simplified form. If you can draw a greater sketch then practice these sketches again and again if you are a beginner.

Method 2:

Many people did not make a good sketch of hand, and getting proportion wrong and mess up the who Its worth taking time mile figure drawing.

For beginners how to draw a hand:

Hands have so many different poses and gestures, and not two hands drawing are ever the same. By following these steps you can draw great hands every time. When you are a beginner use a hand reference photo.

First, Sketch basic shapes and lines of the hand:

Draw the basic shapes and lines from a reference photo. And don’t worries about the line is it perfect at this stage; your goal is just to lay the foundation of your hand drawing. You can make this process much easier by using digital drawing software. On the top of your reference photo, you can draw first, for further development drags it in its own space. With a pencil and a sketchbook, you can follow the process.

Sketch the large lines and curved lines:

Next, you can add the major details of your hand like fingernails and crease lines around the base of the thumb, sketch the curved lines of the hand and fingers.

Add colors:

This step is optional to you. If you want to add colors when you completed the outline this step does in the last. Your hand’s skin and nails have different colors. When you color makes sure to differentiate them. You also practice it in different colors and see the changes in the appearance of your hand.

Also, practice hand with different poses:

You also sketch the main lines and shapes as above, firstly filling the curve detail, and your practice with different hand poses. You practice thumbs further as these are different from other fingers. All the important hand sketches, fist, palms, intertwined fingers, the victory pose, baby hands try these if you want to perfect hand drawing technique.

Method 3:

Hand showcases humanity:

It’s some of the expressive and nuanced parts of the body hand holds a place alongside the face. Hand smoke stunning drawings, they are difficult to draw because of the many bones, muscles, and tendons in each hand.

Always use reference:

It’s important to use reference images, it does not matter your skill level and ability. Take picture of your hand and also ask your friend to model different hand gestures. If you have drawn them a million times there will e something unexpected and different. “Says Daviscourt”.

Six steps to realistic hands:

When you follow step by step approach it can help you to draw great hands. Follow these steps to make a good hand.

How to draw a hand

How to draw a hand

Start with bone structure:

The first layer should be the bones of the hand, this step is about making a great sketch of the hands, don’t worry about making it pretty, bones will make the framework of your hand drawing. Each finger has a different angle, also consider the height difference between your fingers to make hand realistic. Kept in mind the middle finger should be the tallest, and the ring finger and index finger on the downward slope of the arch little finishing out the line. The thumb is the outlier.

Mark your knuckles:                                                              

It’s a point of your articulation. Make marks to the shape you want your finger and hand to make keep human anatomy. In the knuckles, there is always a bend. For more realistic hand curved lines make and avoid straight lines. The palm looks like a trapezoid or squares, as a rectangle shape the finger may be grouped. It does not matter hand pose you should choose a how you can divide it into a simple shape.

Draw 3D finger shape:

The fingers of your hand are not flat, draw each finger in a 3D shape and separate them at finger joints. They may look like long boxes. You note that how the perspective shifts alter your hand shape.

With a darker pencil go over the lines:

If you working digitally you can reduce the capacity of the previous layer and make a new layer. You can transfer the line into a new sheet if you use the tracing paper in the previous. This is where you can draw the outer landmarks fill in the contours.

Fill in the detail:

Now you can add character to your hand, is it wrinkled and sun spotted? There are a lot of details about hands like female hands don’t want to emphasize metacarpals if you try on to draw youthful and famine hands. If you drawing a hand it must be according to the age gender, Depending on the age and gender. You can make the hand like that. After you completed your sketch now it’s time to outline or color your hand if you want. Use the brush and skin color to fill in the hand. Erase all the extra line from your sketch that its look great and nat.