How to make custom challenges Isaac

How to make custom challenges Isaac

How to make custom challenges Isaac

If you want to create the custom challenges this guide will teach you. The Binding of the Isaac; Rebirth. This guide is good for you and this guide does not require any coding knowledge or skills.


  • Binding of Isaac Repentance
  • A text editor. I recommend Notepad + Because for our purposes perfectly suited and it’s free.
  • Extremely basic computer knowledge.
  • Creating a Mod Folder
  • Creating your First Challenge

In the binding of Isaac, how do I make custom challenges?

The Custom Challenged is also the play-made challenge by pressing the TAB you can be accessed it in the in-game Challenges menu. These challenges may be defined and the challenges. XML file PLACED CONTENT FOLDER IN A MOD’S. %USERNAME%/Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac AFTERBIRTH + Mods/Your Mod/content an example of such a folder.

A basic mode Setup getting:

To start, the location you need to find the of your mods folder. Tsi is also the difference in each OS. And to find it all, on the steam to click on the right you need to do the right-click, select ‘Properties… and the browse game files then. Then will open up the director. Called dsavedatapath.txt inside this director is a file. Open the file if you want to find t path to your modes folders then you can find it. To the next step, you can go own the folder and continue.

A simple Barebones mod creating:

Firstly, a new folder you can create. The name of your own choice you can name it. For my demonstration mod, seismic I call it.

Next, you can enter the folder

In the folder called manila, you can create a new file.

No in your favorite text editor you can open the files and paste the following line into it;

Register Mod ( “YOUTMOD”, 1)

Your first challenges you can create:

How to make custom challenges Isaac

How to make custom challenges Isaac

Aright! Let’s get down to it! To your first challenge, it’s time to make.

First, called content a new directory you need to create in your mod older. In that directory inside, called the challenges.xml. With your text editor, you can open that file.

Now, into the document you can past ether lines

<challenges version= “1”>


This tells us that we’re working on the game challenge file.

In between these lines, now the challenges that we are gonna make we will define it all that challenges. A challenge to start creating, between those lines you and paste the following lines pasted earlier.

<challenge />

Every time you add this, a new challenge will add. Of course, to work without anything else will fall. For a challenge with the absolute basics let’s start by defining:

<challenge id=”1” name=”YOURMOD” endstage=”6” />

The items in challenges of Isaac can you unlock?

No, but you unlock something in your every challenge, sometimes, and in between them, some items are gone.

In the binding of Isaac, what is the hardest?

To fire tears due to Isaac’s inedibility the blindfolded challenges are arguably the most difficult challenges due to Isaac’s inability to fire tears.