ICANDO Site Safety

ICANDO Site Safety


ICANDO Site Safety The site safety application is funded out of research and development. The ICANDO group set aside a budget for R&D, and this is controlled by a Research Board. They budget the expenditure on a two year planning cycle. The funds are shared among different business sectors, and allocated to different categories of research. IT is one category, and one of the Research Board directors holds the budget for the IT category Groups in the business sector can bid for a project. For the site safety application, the safety auditors in central office put in a bid for a project that will cover the equivalent of one research scientist for a year. The

sponsor examines the bid, and it is rated sufficiently highly to be funded.


The users of the ICANDO site safety system would be engineers and planners in the design or alteration of storage sites. Auditors may also use the


This is a small-scale investigation. There is unlikely to be a great deal of direct supplier interest in this. The research team will be looking for possible tools to help them solve the problem..

Employee agencies

There are no employee impacts of significance. Engineers are used to using

computing packages and it is not expected that there will be any problem in

getting them to use the package

Internal departments

There is little organizational impact of this particular project, at least while it remains an R&D project. Even if it develops into a full product, then the impact will be localized to the site engineering offices and the audit departments.

Stakeholder overview

There are relatively few stakeholders in this project If the project steps out into a commercial development, then additional stakeholders might be considered, such as the software development organization that takes the product to market, and potential purchasers outside ICANDO Oil. An overview is shown in Table 4.5, this will not be very extensive, and might be used as part of the project justification documentation.

4.82 GOALS

The goal of this project is to determine the viability of producing a system to aid site engineers in the design of safe sites If the evaluation is successful, the goal of a production system would be to reduce incidents and increase the overall safety of the sites managed by ICANDO


All engineers have access to a PC. The main restriction therefore is that the system needs to be proven on PC software. It is not considered viable to supply specialist hardware for this particular application.


This is a highly technical and speculative R&D project. The arguments for this sort of project tend to be less thorough However, some justification would be needed, as competition for research money is considerable.


1 ICANDO has a good reputation for safety 2. ICANDO safety standards far exceed all national standards


1 Audits regularly uncover minor infringements 2 Site engineers Metalwho have to read and learn substantial sets of guidelines when

designing sites


1 An automated tool could add to the quality of ICANDO safety procedures 2 Safety is not considered a competitive area, and a successful tool could be marketed to other companies