iPhone 13 pro max price in the USA

iPhone 13 pro max price in the USA

iPhone 13 pro max price in the USA

iPhone 13 and 13 minis are Apple’s new iPhones released on September 14, on the more affordable end. Pricing of the iPhone 13 starts from $ 799and iPhone 13 mini from $699, and there is no increase in the prices of iPhones this year. On September 24 the first device was released. The iPhone 13 is the successor of the iPhone 12. iPhone 13 pro max price in the USA

And the iPhone 13 Mini is the successor of the iPhone 12 mini with the latest features. Both of the new model features are 28 percent brighter. The front-facing depth camera has been updated. Its feature is a 6-core CPU. The iphone13 lifetime battery improvement has been impressive. The iPhone 13 and 13 pros have the same camera with one front-facing camera and two back-facing cameras. iPhone 13 and 13 min are shipped with IOS 15 at launch. With a new sensor three rare cameras are optimized to work with IOS 15, and a new image signal processor.

There are 4 models of iPhone are present:

  1. iPhone
  2. iphone 13 mini
  3.  iPhone 13 pro
  4. iPhone 13 max pros

All these models of iPhone support the 5 GB internet.

The screen size of the iPhone 13:

6.1 inches display that has a resolution of “1170 & 2532” pixels.

 Storage options in iPhone:


IPhone 13 has different storage capacities

  1. iPhone 13 mini: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.
  2. or,  iPhone 13: 128GB, 256GB AND 512GB.
  3.  iPhone 13 Pro: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.
  4. and,  iPhone 13 max pro: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Does iPhone have cinematic mode:

All iPhone com with the cinematic mode that changes focus from one object to another. in the USA: iPhone’s 13 are present in different prices with different storage: iPhone’s 13 price in the USA $699 iPhone 13 mini price in the USA $799 iPhone’s-13 pro price in the USA $999 iPhone’s 13 max pro price’s in the USA $1099

 Final words:

In this article, I have discussed USA prices of iPhone 13 series. If I miss something in this article, let me in the comment section.