last line no longer available

last line no longer available

last line no longer available

On your iPhone the last line no longer available error could have popped up because due to a recent software update of a bug that may have happened. In such cases, the next iOS update to update your iPhone would be to update the best approach to solve.

Last line No Longer available Pop up why;

To IOS 15 the phone was updated the most likely guess is that with which line is unavailable to the phone have to issue this is causing and the part became active, even though no change. On iPhone 12 they just bought many users complained this Last Line is no longer available. Of the times in trend Smartphones with dual-sim features, but make the most used feature it seems that Apple could not make as users expect it to be the most used feature.

How to fix iphone 13 Lat Line No Longer Available;

Clear Call Logs;

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone this is a really practical method, so on the first, I put it. In Apple Community, through clearing call logs that they had solved this problem some users told.

  • Go to Phone App
  • Recants
  • Tap Edit
  • Clear
  • Clear All recants

New update clear:

To make sure your iPhone is up to date check the iPhone’s updated version, in the latest IOS 15 those bugs might be repaired. To have a try it is better.

  • Click the Signup option when you go to the Apple Software Program website
  • On the Accept button click accept and agreement, after reading it.
  • To go and on your iPhone open Safari, in your iPhone install the profile and sign the same Apple account, and download. Go to setting.
  • General
  • Profile,
  • On IOS 15 or iPadOS 15 tap software Program and tap install.
  • Installation IS ONCE DONE YOUR iPhone RESTART.
  • Go to general
  • Software updates and the public should appear.

When Last Line NO Longer Available iPhone 13 restart iPhone:

In most conditions, many glitches caused by bugs restarting your device can solve. Until the power off slider appears for a few seconds press the power button. Until the Apple logo appears press the power button and the slider drag.

If Last Lien is no Longer Available force reset iPhone;

On different models how to force reset iPhone? On your iPhone’s model follow the steps based.

To iPhone 13/13 pro force reset an iPhone 8

  • The volume up button is pressed and released.
  • Until the Apple Logo appears press and holds the power button.

An iPhone 7 or 7 plus force reset:

  • The power button is pressed and hold
  • The Volume Down button Press and hold.
  • And for about 10 seconds when holding both buttons. The Apple logo appears until you see it.

An iPhone 6, 6s Plus, or Earlier Model force reset

  • The power button is pressed and hold
  • The Volume Down button Press and hold.
  • For about 10 seconds continue and hold both buttons, the Apple longer appears until you see it.

Network setting reset;

Sometimes, any software issue will also remove resetting your network settings.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to general
  • Reset
  • Reset networking settings

To repair your iPhone try RelBoot;

If the above-mentioned steps do not work if you have tried, the problem is not because do not work those e methods, have system problems it’s because of iPhone. Without data loss and try the above methods again to repair your iPhone through Tenor share RelBoot, Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13 issue can be removed.

On PC or Mac download and install RelBoot;

Downloading RelBoot after successfully, to co. OR Mac through USB cable connect your device and open it.

Carrier setting update;

To trouble the Last Line No Longer Available issue another solution that you should try the carrier settings on your IOS device is to update. To a carrier settings to update on your IOS device, there is no possibility that the problem might be related, to your device the carrier settings which you can resolve. The overall performance of the cellular network is boosted the good thing is career providers often release updates and random issues get rid of.

  • On your, iPhone opens the setting app and navigate to General. about.

Now, to update the carrier setting you may get asn alert asking you.

Next, on the top-up prompt update, and to go you are good.

Reinsert Your SIM and remove;

Well, reinsert the SIM Card and remove it. Many times, by using these age-old trots you can get rid of cellular issues. To pull out the SIM tray SIM-ejected tools to pull out then use a SUM and turn off your iPhone. Now, the physical SIM card waits for a few seconds and is inserted.

After that, to turn on your device press and hold the power button. Now, the default line on your iPhone places a call using and if you still get the Last Line No Longer Available error prompt or not.

Network setting reset;

last line no longer available

last line no longer available

Whenever a network-related issue I face, to factory default the network settings that I make sure to try is resetting the one hack. As the Last Line No Longer Available with the e-SIM also seems to have a relation, this trick we suggest you look.

  • In the setting app General
  • Reset or Transfer iPhone
  • Reset
  • Reset Network Settings

Now, the Reset Network Settings select and your device passcode enter your selection in the pop-up.

To proceed and tap Standard Repair;

To the computer to connect if your device is able, to start the repair process tap standard repair click the Start. To computer to connect if your device failed. From the software follow the instructions

  • Your IOS version downloads Firmware Packages that Matches
  • Start Standard Repair;
  • Completes Standard Repair