List parts of a computer

List parts of a computer

List parts of a computer

All computers are made up of different parts, from a variety of devices each computer receives input, with the CPU and memory processing the data, to some form to output sends results. There is a list of computer parts.

  1. Motherboard
  2. Central processing unit
  3. Solid State Drive (SSD)
  4. Random Access Memory
  5. Hard disk drive
  6. Video card
  7. Printer
  8. Mouse
  9. Keyboard
  10. Speakers
  11. Power supply unit
  12. Graphics card
  13. Scanner
  14. Floppy disc
  15. Projector
  16. Case/chassis
  17. CD-ROME, CD-RW OR DVD-ROM drive.
  18. Storage
  19. Monitors
  20. Card Reader (SD, SDHC)
  21. Image scanner desktop
  22. External Hard Drive
  23. USB Flash Drive
  24. Headphones
  25. Joystick
  26. Optical Disc Drive ( BD drive, DVD drive, and CD drive)



On a computer, the motherboard is the main circuit printed circuit on the computer. All other hardware runs through it houses the CPU and operated as a hub.



The central processing unit it’s the brain of the computer. By your computer, it is responsible to run the program with all the responsible information for processing.


Power supply unit:

To convert the alternating current from an outlet the main role of the power supply unit is to convert. To run normally the computer system runs DC.


Random Access Memory:

Of the motherboard, it is normally found in the memory slots. Inside a computer, it temporarily stores the data it’s the physical hardware. For the information created by the computer for the working memory, its role is to serve as computers.


Video cart:

To send output images to video display devices the video card is an extension card to enable the compute, devices like the monitor.



On the computer, printers are output devices to generate a hard copy of the stored data, on paper through text or images.



It’s a very common output device people plugged the speaker to listen the music or sound.



Mouse is used as a pointing device.

List parts of a computer

List parts of a computer


Because of we try to write something on the compute them we must be used the keyboard.



Monitor displays the videos and graphics on the screen. By using the mouse and keyboard on its screen shows us that process.



Headphones are plugged into the system if you want to listen to something on the computer.