Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai:

The beauty bloggers in the past years have found our lives so simple by teaching us the easiest way about so much related to makeup and skin care. In our makeup and skincare routine, they released hacks and tricks that made such a big difference. In the Middle East, there are many bloggers live we thought we shed light on that blogger, the talented bloggers you get to know and follow for inspiration. From the UAE, here are some beauty bloggers. Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

Huda Kattan: Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

I think you already know about Huda Kattan. Huda Kattan is everyone’s favorite. Before founding her international brand Huda Beauty, he also has a brand Huda Beauty. She is very influential when she comes to stopping makeup, and you will certainly learn so much about makeup and skincare.

Najla GUN:

 People will also know about Najla; she is a professional makeup artist blogger and fashion blogger traveling around the world. She makes amazing video tutorials of makeup and skincare routines. A flawless base, she is an expert, and her hair looks stunningly natural curly.

The Tezzy Files:

With an amazing makeup look, how to come Tezzy will also teach you; you need to know all the makeup techniques and also teach you. She has as much knowledge about accessories and finding the right outfit. That’s why I always look stunning.

Diana Chipar:

The Account of Diana’s Chipar is all about related fashion and beauty. Like she is going to a meta gala, she dresses up, and the most daring eye makeup was, her eyes makeup was too good. She will teach you how to make a classy look. Following her give you a style upgrade.

Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai


As this girl travels the world, this girl will take you along, and you will also know how to do the right makeup; she will teach you how to do the right makeup sopping and in your hands what products you want to need.


Based in Dubai, there is a French blogger who loves to make videos about beauty and how to choose and apply the perfect makeup. She will teach you everything that you will have a question and don’t know aloe. And also teach you with your makeup and dress what hairstyle look you pick to look gorgeous.

Caren Willian: Makeup artist beauty travel blogger Dubai

Based in Dubai, Caren William is a 21-year-old self-taught makeup artist from Egypt. Back in 017, Caren uploaded the tutorial on makeup on her Instagram account to her family and friends. She was motivated and saw great potential in his work for quite some time; care said that makeup has been its source of happiness and hobby and has accomplished so much over the last few years. In spring 2019, he had gained almost 40k followers to her Essence campaign. If you see her work, then you love her work.

Judy Police:

In the region’s capital Abu Dhabi, the makeup artist Judy Polous resides; she s a Syria UAE-based makeup artist. For the artistry, Judy started her makeup journey on Instagram by posting videos and also, in addition, applying makeup to her friend for practice. Through this, Judy has received the opportunity to work on projects and collaborate with some beauty brands such as Bio derma, N y X. On the social media platform, Judy has 40Kf followers, and a YouTube channel also started.