Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

With unique places to visit Mexican is an amazing country brimmed, to discover an interesting culture, a world-class cuisine, and one of the most diverse ecosystem and to explore landscape. About Mexico there are more interesting fact about before traveling you should know about these that will keep you entertained. Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

However, for traveling in Mexico there are other essential travel tips, a fantastic and worry-free trip in order to have. And in this essential guide that’s at I am talking about.

General tips to travel to Mexico:

Wi-Fi id not an issue;

In the most touristy area, Wi-Fi worked quite well. For less touristic areas it is probably not the case, but they free Wi-Fi you will be surprised to see that on the town’s main plaza in small towns off the beaten track.

Many teenagers will busy on their phone you will see there. If you ask them about password they will happy to share with you.

In Hotbox the only tourist place where Wi-Fi is an issue, but at the blue sea you don’t need it there as you will be super busy exploring, and watch sunset.

Of ahorita understand the meaning:

A very subjective concept time in Mexico. And the Ahorita, in a minute which could be translated, from indeed has many different meaning tomorrow to in a minute or in 10 years. When somebody tells you make sure you ask specific questions, AHORITA VOY, in a minutes an coming. With the few or go.

Cultivated patience:

The previous point following up, your mind to not lose, to be patient you need, and at the time things will get to you they are supposed to. With you just bring a book. Just this morning, In Playa del Carmen I was on one of my favorite cafes, and a sandwich I ordered.

Speak the language:

I know it can be difficult to you, but in Spanish you should learn a few basic terms. With local and make friends it will help you mingle. At your pronunciation or to have somebody laughing. It’s a good conversation starter.

Get one of that mini-dictionary with you have in your phone.

  • Disculpa = I am sorry
  • Hola = Hello
  • Como estas = How are you?
  • Por Favor = Please
  • Perdon? =Excuse me?
  • Gracias = Thank you

Get a local sim card?

If you need to ask for help it’s always better to have a local sim, make a reservation, your Google map use, or on Instagram even post. Through WhatsApp calls it’s also useful to stay in touch where there is no wireless.

Download whatsapp:

In Mexico, for calling and messaging whatsapp is widely used, even for t business. Most of the time, through Whatsapp you can book a tour or communicate for any situation. If you want to coordinate a meeting with new people or a tour whatsapp is your firmed.

On your Phone when you install a new sim, with your original number you can keep the app connected from family and friends to receive messages you can also use it. With your new contact you should also share your old number if you want them to send you whatsapp messages.

Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

Mexico travel writer Mexico travel blogger Mexico travel tips

A reusable shopping bag carries:

Eco-friendly more and more supermarkets nowadays are applying and don’t give out plastic bag. Regardless, your own-ecofriendly awareness you can start and for any shop carry your own shopping bag so to creating a plastic-free world we can contribute.

In Mexico how to avoid getting sick:

  • Don’t drink tap water:
  • In your drinks about ice don’t worry.
  • Enjoy the delicious food but be aware