Murray and blogg

Murray and blogg

Murray and blogg We are thrilled to announce that Murray Blogg , CFO Temuka and long-time UFBA Official has been appointed to the placement of Challenge Panel Member.

This will take have an effect on on eighth November 2021, to cowl a emptiness left via way of means of Mark Osborne, who has come to the quit of his term.

We would love to thank Mark for his commitment, determination and all of the tough paintings he has completed to assist efficaciously supply the 4 suites of demanding situations to the UFBA club over his term. We wish Mark will stay concerned as an Official for us withinside the future.

Wild Days in Greece Murray and blogg

Now completely domiciled at the little acknowledged Greek island of Kythnos, in which he teaches his exceptional fiction publications in stunning surroundings, John Murray`s new weblog is a sharply found birthday party of a writer`s new existence in an area that “I frequently inform friends  is paradise, and I imply that too.

In a ultra-modern assignment from 23 September, John Murray can be main intensive, six-day writing publications at the stunning Greek island of Kythnos, withinside the Cyclades.

A devoted Hellenophile who has been exploring the Greek islands for decades, John has a residence withinside the fishing village of Merihas, so that you can be the coaching base for every course, with lodging organized withinside the neighbouring Giannoulis Rooms.

A a great deal belated (apologies) point out of John`s Murray and blogg

speak to Society of Authors Northern members, who met in Carlisle on the quit of July for one in all their everyday socials. John talked with Clare Sambrook, creator of Hide and Seek. Clare Dudman has a pleasing write-up (and multiple shaky photos) of the occasion on her weblog, Keeper of the Snails. Thanks to metalwho Clare and associates for establishing the occasion. Murray and blogg