Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shinning Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shinning Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shinning Pearl

Nintendo Switch bot on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl, which one to choose players are may be wondering. On November 19, 2021 when the Sinnoh remakes drop here is everything you need to know about the version differences. After 15 years, for the switch on November 19, 2021 with the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes headed the Pokemon franchise is finally revisiting Gen IV. For many, the Sinnoh region this will be their first time exploring.

The HD reimagining’s will be a faithful port game Freak has promised. To help you decide which one to pick here are all of the major differences between each version.

Exclusive Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl explained:

Has always features version exclusives although every generation. Between each title Diamond & Pearl has perhaps the most drastic differences. To Slamene from Tyranitar, in their game to get the Pokemon they want the most players will need to choose. However, such as Cranidos and Rampardo

Scyther Bug / Flying
Scizor Bug / Steel
Caterpie Bug
Metapod Bug
Butterfree Bug / Flying
Shiftry Grass / Dark
Mawile Steel / Fairy
Zangoose Normal
Solrock Rock / Psychic
Seel Water
Dewgong Water / Ice
Kecleon Normal
Pupitar Rock / Ground
Mime Jr. Psychic / Fairy
Mr. Mime Psychic / Fairy
Elekid Electric
Electabuzz Electric
Electivire Electric
Gligar Ekans
Gliscor Arbok
Dialga Growlithe
Raikou Arcanine
Entei Seedot
Suicune Nuzleaf
Ho-Oh Fire / Flying
Ekans Poison
Arbok Poison
Growlithe Fire
Arcanine Fire
Seedot Grass
Nuzleaf Grass / Dark


For Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl here are the version exclusives.

Exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

Does Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl have Platinum’s Pokedex?

Does not feature Pokemon Platinum’s Pokedex Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. To Gen IV it does have the National Pokedex, though.

Back in February after the trailer made its debut, in the original 2006 release eagle-eyed fans spotted NPCs and Overworld changes that were not, it would be possible so they thought. Unfortunately, to fruition that did not end up coming. In each one the tiles are fairly balanced in terms of the exclusives offered. As to which version you choose they both have popular mon so it just comes down to personal preference.

On which game has their favorite Pokemon players should focus. A tough one the choice is definitely, on November 19, 2021the list above will prepare you for wen Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl releases.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Gameplay and Setting:

On Nintendo DS if you played the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games, of game[play ten you should know what to expect. To be largely unchanged the core Pokemon series gameplay appears, of the Overworld maintain exploration, on catching turn-based combat and a focus as many Pokemon as an extra completions objective you can to fill out your Pokedex.

Of the game based on recent previews, to be fairy faithful Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl look like they are going, If slightly safe, a lot of nostalgia remakes that bring forth. For a cuter the updated art style, the originals will be familiar for those tat loved more cosy game but it seems like the core experience.

Of life improvements with some much needed quality the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes is fairly faithful recreation it seems the aim. Indeed, Like auto-save, character customization improvement s to HMs and being able to access. More contentiously, in the remakes will also be present EXP share will but to please everyone which  is not likely it appears players won’t be able to turn it off.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shinning Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and shinning Pearl

Of course, is identical not everything. To the underground tunnels there have been some changes, in the original released which provide gathering affair Pokemon battling  and catching entirely. Create Secret Bases it also let players, from home a customizable home, of sorts. As the Grand Underground known, a new addition called Hideaways this area has been updated which in different biomes with support for online play and new opportunities to catch Pokemon add a whole new dimension with support. To make them more interesting contest have also been slightly revamped, a new rhythm game element with more customization.


For the Pokemon for seasoned fans, As a refreshing return to form Pokemon Brilliant Diamond may serve. All-in-all, Of Pokemon it for fans the game is absolutely worth into the series those looking to get.

In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl what Pokemon will be?

During your adventure, in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Palkia in Pokemon Shining Pearl you will be able to encounter the Legendary Pokemon Dialga. Of the Sinnoh region in the myths Dialga and Palkia are Legendary Pokemon that appear. Of time it is said that Dialga is the master, while of space Palkia is the master.

Will all Pokemon be available is Brilliant Diamond?

Your journey if you battle every trainer, a few Pokemon you will see all. To this are Drifloon, Riolu, Mesprit, Uxie, Azelf, and Dialga or Palkia the expectations to this.


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